Share the Road

Beginning January 2008, Oregon drivers can purchase a Share the Road license plate (see ODOT link for viewing of plate and instructions if you would like to purchase one). Thanks to the efforts of Senator Floyd Prozanski, Cycle Oregon, Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), our state legislature and governor, and many others, Oregon joined a handful of other states that allow drivers of motorized vehicles to demonstrate their respect for others and serve as a reminder to Share the Road. This plate is now the most popular specialty plate in Oregon!

Safe Distance Law Stimulated by Jane’s death and other injuries and fatalities, the Oregon legislature passed a law requiring motorists in certain conditions to allow a safe distance between their vehicle and a cyclist, “safe” defined as the distance “sufficient to prevent contact with the person operating the bicycle if the person were to fall into the driver’s lane of traffic.”

Broken – Bicycling Magazine article. Broken – Bicycling Magazine article. What can you do in your community to help with bike/pedestrian safety enhancements and get mobilized? Every time we take to the open road, we entrust our lives to a safety net of legal protection and basic human decency. That system has failed. The article and a picture of Jane is in the Jan/Feb. issue of Bicycling Magazine.

Ireland Trucking Donation The Jane Higdon Memorial Fund received a generous donation from Ireland Trucking Company, for the purpose of improving safety for bicycles on our roadways. Thank you!

Territorial Road Improvements. Thanks to the Ireland Trucking Company, Lane County Public Works, King Estates, and hundreds of supporters, the Jane Higdon Foundation participated in a successful public/private partnership by providing $87,500 in community support toward a successful federal grant to begin improvements on the dangerous stretch of road where Jane died. Thanks to a great community effort!

School District 4J Middle School Bike Safety Program. Aided by grants from the Jane Foundation (see The Fund at Work page), another great public/private partnership provides school district training for middle school students in bike safety and safe routes to school. Watch this!

Memorial and Fundraising Events. Over the years, several organizations remember Jane with special running. biking or other events. Recently, the 2012 MomOrial was a memorable Memorial Day running event for moms and their daughters, in memory of Jane. Thanks to Alex Breiner and KidSports for making this happen!

…and, the Silvan Ridge Twilight 5K is an annual fund raiser for the Jane Foundation run in beautiful wine country, and an opportunity to remember Jane. Thanks to Cathie Twomey Bellamy, Silvan Ridge Winery, and the Eugene Running Club!

Jane Higdon Foundation jerseyDwight Collins and the Newman’s Biking Jersey. Dwight (Newman’s Fish Company, Eugene) rode with Jane, he was with her when she died, and is a generous supporter of the Jane Foundation, and of our community. Check out this great biking jersey that commemorates the foundations for Jane and 2 other biking friends (Olaf Sohlbeg Foundation, Conor Ausland Foundation) as their families cope with transforming tragic circumstances into community benefit.